Meet The Founder

Hey there! I'm Chalyse, the creative mind behind Your Choice Creations. By day, I navigate the consulting world, and by passion, I'm a mom and also the proud owner of this cozy corner of creativity.

As a mom, I find immense joy in crafting moments of love and happiness with my daughter. Your Choice Creations is my heart's extension, where handmade items like cards, stickers, and clothing become unique expressions of your individuality.

My crafting journey is a blend of creating joy, spreading love, and making people feel special. Your Choice Creations is an invitation to share in this world of delightful creations.

Why choose us? Because here, each piece is more than a product; it's a story waiting to be told. Crafted with love and attention to detail, our items are designed to bring a touch of happiness to your life.

Connect with us on Instagram @YourChoiceCreationsLLC for behind-the-scenes glimpses, exclusive releases, and the shared joy of creativity.

Thank you for being part of this journey. I can't wait to create something special just for you!

Warm regards,
Chalyse Taylor
Mom & Founder, Your Choice Creations



Our Goal

At Your Choice Creations, our goal is to craft unique expressions of individuality, spreading joy and love through every handmade creation. We aspire to be a cherished destination, creating not just products but personal stories. With a commitment to creativity, quality, and personalized service, our mission is to make Your Choice Creations a symbol of heartfelt craftsmanship and a go-to source for those seeking joy in every piece.

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